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Boise Taxi Airport Services

Airport Transportation can help you avoid the hassle of traveling to and from the airport; parking garage costs are a good reason to take a Boise taxi, ask about our reasonable rates!

The Customer now has access to estimate the accuracy of travel costs; by simply using google maps, clients are able to verify exact mileage, as well as estimate times, to and from destination.

Boise Taxi Rates are as follows:
Drop Rate: $2.60
BOI Airport Drop Rate: $4.10
Mile Rate:  $2.40
Wait Time: $.40
Lease Rate: $30 Per Hour

Boise taxis are authorized to charge for extra passengers and bags; TAXIBOB (ITA) members do not charge for additional passengers or luggage; furthermore, no charge for waiting time shall be made for time lost or used on account of inefficiency of the taxicab, or its operation or premature answer to call.

Whenever requested by a passenger, the driver of an (ITA) Boise taxi shall be prepared to provide a receipt for fares charged. The receipt shall be on a form that provides the name of the driver, the date and time of the fare, and the amount of the fare. The form shall also identify the name of the (ITA) Boise taxi company, and the related taxicab company vehicle number.

The driver shall always be prepared to provide change if requested by the passenger, or have a notice posted clearly visible by a passenger that change cannot be provided. (ITA) Boise taxi members, may or may not carry more than twenty dollars in change, at any time.

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